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Florida DNA Testing of Orlando offers private DNA testing to concerned clients with results in as little as 2 business days. When you’re facing uncertain circumstances, minutes seem like hours, hours seem like days, and days can seem like weeks! We understand that our clients need answers – and they need them quickly. Hence, we’re open 7 days a week to provide you with the answers that you need in a hurry.
A private DNA test is the preferred method of DNA paternity testing or any other relationship testing when the person does not require a legal test. We’ll get into the specifics of a legal test later on. However, please note that a private test is a cheaper and simpler option for most. Private DNA testing is most suitable when someone is having doubts and needs a little peace of mind.
  • Speed – We chose the name ‘2-Day Private DNA’ because that’s what we’re all about. Our clients can enjoy results in as little as 2 business days!
  • Convenience – Each case is unique! That’s why we offer multiple options and help our clients determine which is the best option for their situation.
  • Compassion – At Florida DNA Testing, we believe in compassion first and business comes second. When you call our line, we understand that we’re dealing with a person facing delicate circumstances. You don’t need any gimmicks or added stress – you need amazing service and honest pricing. We’re here to listen and provide you with the best option for you.
The difference is in the minor details. At Florida DNA Testing, we partner with an AABB-Accredited Laboratory. Hence, all of our testing methods are verified and we boast over 99.99% accuracy on every test we perform. We treat every test – legal or private, with the utmost level of care and urgency.

However, with a legal DNA test, there are some added requirements. We run every test twice, to comply with regulations. Additionally, we also have the samples for legal DNA tests collected by an independent, certified collector. In the end, a ‘legal DNA test’ becomes a notarized document that you can use in court cases such as child support disputes, custody battles, and more.

Private DNA tests have less procedural requirements and they are a much cheaper option for people that have some doubts, but do not intend to go to court. Given the simpler process for a private DNA test, many of our clients will often choose a private DNA test first and then evaluate their options – depending on the outcome of the test.
Absolutely – please recall that our testing and analysis is the same for each type of test regardless of the format. Hence, all of our testing retrieves results with at least 99.99% accuracy. Furthermore, if there is not a biological relationship between two participants in a test – we can determine this with 100% accuracy.
Florida DNA Testing prides itself on going above and beyond the average paternity testing service. We understand that the minor details make a major difference. Hence, when you don’t settle for less – you need a company like Florida DNA Testing to rely on. With premium services at competitive prices, you’ll wonder why you haven’t called us sooner!
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Finally, Florida DNA Testing delivers your results within 2 to 3 business days after collecting your DNA samples.

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