Forensics DNA Testing

Forensics DNA Testing Over 99.99% Accurate and Admissible in Court

DNA testing is one of the most accurate methods on the market to either identify whether or not an individual participated in a crime – or to help them prove their innocence. Similar to a paternity DNA test, a forensics DNA test involves collecting a sample from a person. Then, a second sample is collected from an object (usually evidence in a criminal case). Once both samples are collected, DNA is extracted and a genetic profile is created from each.

Having both genetic profiles established, we then compare the genetic markers of each profile to determine whether or not a match exists. Our forensics DNA testing will tell you with over 99% certainty whether or not the individual tested matches the evidence. Furthermore, for cases involving multiple persons, we’re able to test multiple samples against the evidence.

Forensic DNA Testing Helps Achieve Justice

Proving Your Innocence

We leave DNA on anything we come into direct contact with - this is what makes DNA testing such a valuable tool in criminal justice cases. If a person wasn’t at the scene of a crime or had nothing to do with an object utilized to carry out a crime, their DNA should not be found on the object. If you’re facing criminal charges and you’re confident that you had nothing to do with it, getting forensics DNA testing can provide credible evidence in your favor.

Identifying a Perpetrator

For the same reasons that a forensic DNA test is a valuable tool for proving innocence, it’s also great for proving someone’s involvement in a criminal case. Our testing confirms whether or not an individual came into contact with objects utilized in the commission of a crime, or materials that were at the scene of a crime.

Why Choose Us For Forensics DNA Testing?

Simple Collection Process - Our DNA samples involve non-invasive measures. All samples are collected by professionals that are independent of either side.

Legal Chain of Custody - We maintain a documented chain-of-custody over our samples, so you can be sure that the integrity of the sample is maintained.

Accuracy - All of our testing is over 99.99% accurate.

Thorough documentation - We analyze over 20 genetic markers to determine or deny a match. As a result, you can be confident in the results that you’re getting when you work with us.

Multiple options for DNA sample collection - The most common method of collecting DNA involves buccal (cheek) swabs. However, we are able to test all sources of DNA, including hair, blood, skin, and more.

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