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Discrete Paternity Testing

How to Do a Paternity Test Without the Father Knowing

Do you have doubts about who the biological father of your child truly is? If you do, paternity testing is a great option that can give you the answers you’re looking for. By opting for this DNA testing method, you can get reliable results quickly, so you no longer have to live your life in confusion.

In a straightforward case, the alleged father and relevant child would both provide a DNA sample through a cheek swab for analysis. However, in many situations, this is not the best option, and a discrete method of paternity testing is required.

Who Should Get a Discreet Paternity Test?

If you want to confirm who the biological father of your child is but don’t want to cause an argument, or you want to avoid creating unnecessary drama; you should opt for a more discreet form of paternity testing. Another case in which you may want to opt for a more subtle testing route is if the children involved are older and they would likely have awkward questions if they were given a random cheek swab. Opting for discreet paternity testing can sometimes be the best thing to ensure the well-being of everyone’s mental health.

What are Some Discreet Methods of Paternity Testing?

The good news is a cheek swab isn’t the only way to get access to a person’s DNA.

Paternity Test Using a Toothbrush
Our toothbrush paternity test at USA DNA Testing is highly accurate and discreet. We will send you a kit that comes in subtle packaging so no one asks you any questions. This kit includes a paid stamp for return overnight shipping, so you do not have to worry about incurring any additional costs.Once you receive the kit, you simply collect your child’s saliva on the swab provided, or you can send in their full toothbrush. The father’s toothbrush should also be sent in. Once you send the samples to us, we will extract the DNA from both samples and provide you with your results, so you finally get the answers you’re looking for.Aside from the toothbrush paternity test, If you want to do a discrete paternity test without the father knowing, you can also try the following:

For the fingernail test, you should make sure that the nail is cut as close to the nail bed as possible for the best results. If you’re opting for the hair-based paternity test you also need to be cautious and ensure the root of the hair is still intact and that you provide at least a dozen strands of hair as well.

How to Do a Paternity Without Involving the Father?

In some cases, it may not be possible to get access to any item belonging to the father. If you don’t have access or if you’re opting not to involve the father for other reasons, you can always choose to have an avuncular or grandparent test done instead.

During an avuncular test, a brother or sister of the father can opt to provide their DNA samples, and during the grandparent test, the father of the father would do the same. All our closest relatives share at least some of our genes, and at USA DNA Testing, our team of experts will analyze the results and let you know if they have a match.

How Long Will It Take to Get My Paternity Test Results?

If you are waiting for the results of a straightforward paternity test using the saliva from a cheek swab, you can usually expect results within 3 business days. However, if you are opting for one of the discreet DNA testing methods mentioned above, you can expect to wait 6-7 business days from the time you have sent the sample in for testing

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Paternity testing is a highly accurate way to determine who the true biological father is of a child. At USA DNA Testing, we offer you a wide range of packages and are based in Florida, but can serve anyone across the United States.

Anyone who is looking for a discreet way to get such a DNA test done should contact us today to learn more about the DNA testing packages we have available.

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